What is the Product Owner Framework?

The Product Owner Framework - BETA

The Product Owner Framework is a tool for Product Owners to evaluate their skills and identify areas for growth. It was created by Daisy Pilbrow and Javier Ubillos, an Agile Coach and a Product Owner at Spotify and continues to be developed and expanded upon by Daisy and Viktor Cessan, another Agile Coach at Spotify.

This framework is in no way perfect. It’s a work in progress. We created it to help new Product Owners develop their toolbox fast. Despite the holes and the eventual inconsistencies here and there we still felt that we wanted to share this with the world. Hopefully it can help others too.

The Product Owner Framework:
This framework allows you to asses your level of experience in product ownership. It consists of 8 areas that are divided over 4 categories. These categories represent the common push and pull we often see in software development between…

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User Story Mapping

What is User Story Mapping? User story mapping is a tool that allows adding a second dimension on the backlog and has been developed from Jeff Patton. User story mapping makes the workflow & the users of a system visible (if a workflow exists), allows visualizing the relationship between Epics, and provides a structure for prioritization … Continue reading User Story Mapping