For quite a lot of time from the start of my career, I was struggling with the technical debt, so much time that I started seeing myself as bankrupt ­čÖé
That triggered me to start studying Lean & Agile methodologies and invest in ways to be more efficient, organized and with less debt, a debt that can drain your resources if it is not handled with care.

I now have a missionÔÇŽ

  1. Use stable source control – Done
    • Clean up code
    • Make environmental branches
    • Use clean branch pattern
  2. Apply XP engineering practices – Done
    • Test driven development
    • Pair programming
    • Design improvement
    • Unit testing
    • Collective code ownership
    • Use of integration server
  3. Apply Scrum – Done
  4. Use mockups – Done
  5. Make training part of the work – Done
  6. Use continues integration & release management – Done
  7. Use metrics – Done
    • Tasks opened vs tasks closed statistics
    • Bugs found vs bugs closed statistics
    • Features per platform/application
    • Features burnup chart
    • Cumulative chart per Kanban step
    • Tickets opened vs┬áclosed statistics
    • Per sprint burn down chart
    • Releases per environment (development, test, production) per platform/application
  8. Apply Kanban practices – Done
    • Kanban board
    • Work in progress reduction
    • Metrics
  9. Optimize processes using Lean – In Progress
  10. Automate everything…(?) – In Progress

    N. Review, understand, learn and adjust – Ôł×