Who Is Going to Fix Those Bugs?

A sprint is in progress and along with the multiple tasks, it seems that there are also several bugs… Does this sound familiar to you?

At the end who should fix those bugs? The one who developed the feature, or anyone else that is available?

Let’s see some of the pros and cons… those are some of my thoughts…

(The cases below do not take in mind the different experience between each developer.)

The developer that add the defect:
  1. Owns the code and can easily define and fix it, especially in complex cases.
  2. By fixing the defect recognizes the issue, probably learns from it and avoids making the same mistakes.
  1. He was the person that first imported this issue, therefore, it is possible that he will not be able to resolve it properly.
  2. Waiting for the person that developed this can lead to bottlenecks.
Any other available:
  1. Getting familiarized with other parts of the code, except those that has already worked with.
  2. Reviewing the code makes it possible to find other issues that the first developer didn’t recognize.
  1. Will probably need more time to fix the defect.
  2. The possibility to break something by misunderstanding the logic especially on complex applications.

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