User Story Mapping

What is User Story Mapping? User story mapping is a tool that allows adding a second dimension on the backlog and has been developed from Jeff Patton. User story mapping makes the workflow & the users of a system visible (if a workflow exists), allows visualizing the relationship between Epics, and provides a structure for prioritization … Continue reading User Story Mapping

Who Is Going to Fix Those Bugs?

A sprint is in progress and along with the multiple tasks, it seems that there are also several bugs... Does this sound familiar to you? At the end who should fix those bugs? The one who developed the feature, or anyone else that is available? Let's see some of the pros and cons... those are some of my … Continue reading Who Is Going to Fix Those Bugs?

Talking The Same Language

The impact of talking with the same language/terms. The day before I was excited when I paused to help one of my colleagues, working together οn a complex functionality on web UI logic. This for sure wasn't my area of expertise. At the beginning I was hesitant, considering that I wasn't the right person to … Continue reading Talking The Same Language